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If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll most likely need to put your insurance policy to use in order to pay for your collision repair service. Although you should file a claim only when it is necessary, you should be prepared to take the necessary steps to file your insurance claim.


By following our tips, you can make sure filing your insurance claim goes as smoothly as possible and that your insurance company stands by your side.

Report your claim the easy way

After an accident happens, make sure you

  • Gather as much information as possible

  • Tell the truth

  • Get a police report

  • Document everything

  • Review your insurance coverage

  • Focus on deadlines

  • Keep all documentation

  • Research your car's value


After you’ve been in an accident and have done all of the above, make sure you contact our body shop before you call your insurance company because we want to assist you with your claim.


All insurances are accepted at Candy Apple Customs, and we work directly with your insurance company. All documents can be sent to your insurance agency via DocuSign.


When you work with Candy Apple Customs, we’ll make sure you’re following your insurance company’s claims filing procedures to avoid any costly mistakes. To find your claims procedures, check your policy, any insurance proof or financial responsibility card for auto insurance.


We’ll make sure you file your claim within the specific time period so you don’t get denied for coverage.

Call us now for more information on how to file a claim.


Take the headache out of your insurance claim process