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When dealing with your insurance provider, you should always protect your interests first because they will hire master negotiators to do the same for their company. No one protects their customer's interests better than Candy Apple Customs.


With your permission, we advocate for your needs and ensure that your vehicle is brought back 100% to its industry standard, pre-loss condition. This service is completely FREE to all of our auto body repair customers. Please contact us today for a FREE claims negotiation consultation.

FREE claims negotiation services

Why can’t I trust my insurance provider?

Sometimes insurance companies force you into receiving after-market parts and low-end repairs, even without your knowledge. These subpar attempts to repair your vehicle will reduce its value and longevity and could even put you and your loved ones at risk.


Because of this, it’s best that you partner yourself with a collision repair facility that knows what’s best for your vehicle, instead of an insurance agency that’s looking out for what’s best for their company.

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